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Welcome To Korea Chemical! 

I am Hong-cheul Nam that master of Korea Chemical.
Since 1987, Korea Chemical, has manufactured various types of colorant (dried powder, masterbatch, LIQUID COLOR) used for plastics.
We are proud of accumulated experiences and unique technology, which are maximized to catch the customers' demand. 

We have concentrated on customers' needs to make a decision of optimum coloring system in accordance with its application. 

The coloring system consists of LIQUID COLOR and Feeding Equipment.
We have invested a large portion of our budget in R&D focused on product and production process. Highly skilled plastic team and engineers study with state-of-the-art equipment for test of plastic colorant to supply most appropriate colorants suitable for specific applications. Our R&D team performs product innovation & improvement and Quality control team closely cooperates with production team to assure high quality and stability of product. Our products are manufactured from raw materials approved for food safety by the Department of Health and Welfare in Korea and U.S. FDA. 

We have made constant growth in plastics & colorant market for 12 years with our motto that a customer is the most valuable asset to us. We want to be a technical innovator and your partner in plastics coloring with liquid colorant system .
142, Biseul-ro 262-gil, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea (Tel) 82 - 53 - 219 - 5001 
Email : top@kc-color.net