KC Liquid color system
Advantages of KC Liquid Color
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KC Liquid Color system Works best
Advantages of KC Liquid Color

Advanced Liquid Vehicle System offers many advantages to Liquid Color incomparable with other conventional types of colorant.

KC LIQUID COLOR is much highly concentrated than dried powder or masterbatch. Therefore, KC LIQUID COLOR can achieve significantly lower letdown ratios and more efficient coloring costs than other colorants.
KC's Liquid Vehicle System enables you to mix LIQUID COLOR with multifunctional additives. These additives for example. include anti-static, chemical blowing agent, mold release and ultra-violet light stabilizer, etc.
KC LIQUID COLOR is specifically formulated to be compatible with a wide range of plastic resins with KC's Liquid Vehicle System. Standard KC LIQUID COLOR is applicable to Polypropylene,Polyethylen, Polystyrene, EVA, ABS, PVC, Nylon, etc. In addition, specific LIQUID COLOR is engineered for thermoplastics.

STORAGE KC LIQUID COLOR is assured of longer storage period than other Liquid Colorants. You don't have to shake LIQUID COLOR drum before you use it.
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