KC Liquid color system
Advantages of KC Liquid Color
Convenient to Handle
KC Liquid Color system Works best
KC Liquid Color System Works Best! 
Compare other colorant with KC Superior Liquid Color for engineering resins. You can see that KC Liquid Color has higher qualily and saves your money.


5 hours color changeover 
To shut down machine, clean the hopper, refill it to purge with natural resin, and refill with masterbatch. 

Letdowns of 10:1 to 100:1 
Low letdown ratios involves a lot of usage, then it influences to resin's properties. 

Lack of color control 
No adjustment is available to compensate for weighing errors, separation of blends in the hopper, machine-to-machine variations. 

High cost and long blending .
Each color is extruded separately, resulting in high cost and long delivery times, especially in small volumes


5 minutes color changeover
Natural resin in the hopper never requires emptying or additional drying. 

Letdowns of 100:1 to 1000:1 
Our KC is highly concentrated and provides superior color distribution. 

Accurate color control 
The reliable, low-cost, portable pump meters in milligram increments, enabling you to fine-tune your color quickly and easily. 

Low cost and fast blending 
Single pigment base colors are maintained in stock for fast, low custom blending, even in small volumes.

...but KC did it! 

Introducing the Plastics-compatible liquid color system that's highly accurate, consistent, and easy to use. 

KC combines our custom matched liquid dispersions with a precise metering system and a specially-designed container to bring you a complete liquid coloring system that is formulated especially to function with Plastics. 

Unlike solid color concentrates, KC liquid colorant requires no drying, so color is added directly at the machine's feed throat. In addition, it's extremely cost-effective when compared to pre-color or other forms of colorants
- Compatible with all Plastics Processes.
- Higher Pigment Load than Pelletized Dispersions (As high as 80%)
- Available in Tints and Opaque Colors.
- Will Not Adversely Affect intrinsic Viscosity of Resin
- Will Not contribute to Taste or Odor
- FDA Compliant
- Environmentally Friendly/Heavy Metal-Free
- Highly Accurate Metering Systems
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